Saturday, October 25, 2014

13 Week Update!

Hey y’all! This is my week 13 update & belly pictures!

Baby S is the size of a peach (2.9 inches) and 0.81 ounces this week!
Baby is also…
·        * Forming vocal cords & teeth
·        * Has finger prints
·        * Intestines are moving from the umbilical cord to their more permanent place, in its tummy

My symptoms this week
·        * I’m SO tired
·        * Trouble sleeping
·        * When I do sleep, my dreams usually wake me up (they are so vivid and scary at times!)
·        * I’m still hungry most of the time, but I’m having trouble finding anything that sounds good
·        * My lower back, top of my butt is extremely sore
·        * A lot of pain on my right side under my ribs. It is so painful it takes my breath away. I did occasionally have this pain before I got pregnant, however it is more constant now. I don’t have a gall bladder, so it’s not that... I will ask my midwife about it at my next visit
·        * My emotions have been a roller coaster ride lately. I will be happy one minute, needy the next, mad and sad. For some reason I’ve felt so lonely and scared. Hopefully these feelings will end soon!

We have a gender ultrasound on November 1st (one week from today)!!! We are so excited!!  We are just praying for a healthy and happy baby! I love hearing what everyone thinks we are having. Most people are saying a boy, while some say a girl. I honestly feel like its going to be a boy. I’ve thought this from day one!

Now I will share some belly pictures!

                                           10 Week Baby Bump                                                  

12 Week Baby bump & My little jealous princess

13 Week Baby Bump!

That’s all I have time for tonight!

Until next time!!


Tuesday, October 21, 2014

A Little Something Different

Hey Y’all! I’m sorry its been a while. I’ve decided to do my blog a little different then just makeup. I’m going to start documenting my pregnancy as well! I will do my weekly symptoms, belly bump pictures, thoughts… just all things Baby Stratton!


I’m going to start this blog out with pregnancy then I’ll go into my latest makeup reviews!


Today I’m 12 weeks and 5 days! According to “the Bump” app on my phone Baby S is..

*The size of a plum (2.1 inches)

* Most of his/her critical systems are fully formed

* He/She is about to enter the growth and maturation stage, in which his/her organs and tissues will grow and develop rapidly

*He/She is now developing relaxes – if I were to poke his/her body, she’ll likely move

*He/She is opening and closing his/her fingers and curling his/her toes (how cute?!)

*His/Her brain is developing fast

Week 12 Symptoms for me

*Very tired

*My belly has really popped out

*I’m hungry the majority of the time

*cravings this weeks – chips and salsa

*I’ve not really had any morning sickness at all my whole pregnancy.. Until the day I turned 12 weeks.. I was sick all day. I’ve been sick a few times the past few days, but I’m not going to complain.. I will gladly be sick knowing there’s a baby growing in my belly!

*My face is still breaking out


That’s pretty much all of my symptoms for this week.

I think its starting to hit Joseph that we are having a baby. One day this week when I got home from work, I laid in the bed and he laid his head on my stomach and just sit there for a few minutes. I melted… it may not seem like much to some people but I thought it was the sweetest thing ever.  I said earlier that my stomach has popped out.. I can no longer button my work pants, my jeans are getting tight ( I can’t still wear them though!). Joseph was actually picking on me before I left for work because my work pants (size 1) no longer button. He said “  Ms. Stretch pants, its time to buy new clothes”. Such a punk! Haha. Don’t worry y’all, he is only picking. He would never say anything to me that would hurt my feelings. Hes to precious for that J.

I have always been a fan of youtube videos. I love watching makeup videos, I can sit for hours watching those videos. Recently my selection of videos have changed. I’m OBESSESED with pregnancy vlogs. There are 5 that I have been watching daily. Some vlogs are from a few years ago, and some are pregnant now. I LOVE LOVE LOVE watching these. I have sat a cried happy tears with these ladies, sad tears, I have been excited with them, nervous  for them.. just every emotion they go through in the videos. I’m not sure if its because I’m pregnant or what. This may sound weird but I feel like I know these people! I will post a link for their youtube accounts for anyone who may want to watch them! The more videos I watch, the more excited I get! I’ve been talking about filming some makeup videos and posting them… now if I do film some videos I think I may vlog about makeup and my pregnancy. Its just so nice to be able to relate to these ladies on the video. I want to be able to help other women and be there for them like these women have been for me (as crazy as that sounds). If this is something y’all would be interested in please let me know!

 Ellie and Jared


Now lets talk about some makeup…


I bought BareSkin by bareMinerals along with the brush they recommend. Unfortunately, I am not a fan. I tried it for about a week, applying it every way I could.. Its just not for me. It left streaks on my face and made my face feel very oily. I have somewhat dry skin and after reading the reviews I was hoping it would be perfect for me… but it wasn’t.


After the BareSkin was a bust I bought Physicians Formula Super BB All-In-1 Beauty Balm Kit (around $20.00 from Wal-Mart). It includes  BB cream, concealer and powder. When I first opened the package I was nervous, even though the package looks nice and pretty…. Its made very cheap. Once I applied all 3 products I feel in love. I love how it looks on my skin, I love how it feels on my skin, I love how it covers… the only bad thing I can find about this product is the packaging is made cheap. I have recommended this product to a few of my friends/clients already and I’ve only had it for a week. I do not apply any other foundation with this when I wear it.


I bought a few more items that I will do a review on in the up coming blogs!

I'm not going to post a belly picture right now since I'm a few days away from week 13. I will post a blog that day that will include pictures!


I truly am sorry its taken me a while to get back to blogging. I do plan on posting at least once a week, maybe more if I can!

Until next time!