Thursday, September 25, 2014

All About The Lashes

Hey Y'all! I hope everyone is doing great today! I'm back to work today after 3 wonderful days off so I'm dragging a bit. Lets go ahead and get right to it.


 This first product is mascara by Benefit Cosmetics. Its called “They’re Real”.  I use this mascara for special occasions like proms.. weddings.. any even where you would want your lashes to be extra dramatic. A lot of the reviews I’ve found say it makes your lashes look fake. In some cases that my be true, if you have long thick lashes of course it will make your lashes look fake. For people like me who don’t have long lashes it doesn’t.  I don’t use this on myself very often, mainly because I can get the same look using drug store brand. I have noticed this product bleeds on to my eyelids more often then not. I wouldn’t recommend applying more then 2 coats of this, adding to much will make your lashes look like spider legs.. and that’s not cute! I have noticed my natural lashes breaking off when I remove this product. I find removing this product to be more difficult then it should be. Its not as simple as using soap and water, the best way I have found to remove this product is using baby oil.  I bought mine at Ulta for $23.00.

Since we are talking about mascara.. I’m going to talk about my all time favorite mascara, Clump Crusher by COVERGIRL. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this mascara.  Its $6.94 at Wal-Mart. You can use this for your everyday look or a dramatic look. It doesn’t bleed onto my eyelids, its waterproof, and I don’t have to scrub my lashes off to remove it! Any face wash or eye makeup remover will take this off with no problem! I wear this mascara daily.
*If you accidentally slip and get mascara any where on you.. wait for it to dry to remove it, trying to remove it while its wet will just cause it to smear and cause a bigger mess! Just go ahead and finish applying it and go back with a Q-tip once its dry and wipe it off!*

On to fake lashes. I have tried to be a fake lash girl.. I just can’t do it all the time! Fake lashes can be so beautiful if done right. When I do wear fake lashes I end up taking them off before I get home.  I have clients who love them and want them every time I do their makeup which is great, they just aren’t for me! I mainly use Sephora Collection “Regal” and “Showstopper” ($10.00 at sephora). I don’t use the glue that comes with the lashes, I use DUO Eyelash Adhesive ($9.00 at sephora). I'm pretty sure they sell this at the drug store, I just can't find it online.I buy the tube with the blue writing because the glue dries clear. I also have the Sephora Collection Bulls Eye Lash Applicator ($12.00 at sephora).  I will post pictures of all products below. I would love to find fake lashes that I could wear often, so if anyone has any suggestions please share!

For fashion advice you should check out my friends Mallory Durbins blog. I've got your beauty covered and she has your fashion covered!

I have been asked to write about makeup products for nature skin, and I’m going to do so. I have been doing research on different products. I plan on going on a ulta/sephora haul so once I buy these products and test them I will write a review!


Until next time!

-L. Stratton


  1. I've always been scared to try false eyelashes, I always thought I'd glue my eye shut lol, Is there a sephora or ulta around here?

  2. I also use the COVERGIRL mascara. It's amazing! Im like you Lauren on the fake eyelashes, they are usually removed before I make it back home!

  3. Mandy there is a ulta in owensboro and a sephora in evansville!
    Jodi beth maybe our eyes just aren't made for fake lashes!