Saturday, November 1, 2014

Sweet Baby Lucy!

Hey y’all! This is going to be a very exciting post! Its going to be my week 14 pregnancy update, gender reveal and name reveal! So, let’s get started!

Everyone knows we thought we were going to have a boy. I was dead set on it being a boy. I even started making a baby blanket for a boy! All of the old wives tales pointed to a boy, I’ve heard many times “Stratton boys don’t have girls”, and everything but my break outs made me think it was a boy. My skin has never been this bad. Everything I have tried just hasn’t helped at all. I’ve always heard “a girl steals her mother’s beauty”. This was the only thing that made me think it could be a girl.

We went to Precious Views (website) in Bowling Green to see Baby S. I am so glad we did. The lady that did our ultrasound was SO nice and made me feel at home. We had a total of 5 people (not counting me) with us and there was plenty of room. I would definitely recommend other pregnant woman go here! We will be going back around week 30!

Okay, so we are all in the room watching the ultrasound that was projected on the wall and Baby S was moving like crazy. Watching it at first I thought “it’s a girl” then “no, it’s a boy”. The lady asked if I was ready and I said yes! She then said “IT’S A GIRL!!” My mom, Joseph and myself all said “huh?!” She laughed and said “yes, it’s a girl!” Joseph’s mom, our sister-in-law and my best friend all thought it was going to be a girl so they weren’t nearly surprised as we were! I’m not sure about anyone else but I started crying. It was a happy cry though! I was just so set on having a boy, I was just so surprised! We would be just as happy if it would have been a boy. I love when God shows you HE makes the calls, not us! I wish I could explain the feeling I’ve had, but words can not describe it!

Baby had the hiccups during the ultrasound, it was so sweet to watch! She was yawning, trying to suck on her thumb, using her hand to cover her bottom, she even went to sleep at one point. It was all just so cute!  When she was awake she was very active. I can’t wait to feel her move around in there!

Here are some pictures!

Her first dress!

We can stop calling her “Baby S” now and call her by her actual name, and that is… LUCY! We still aren’t 100% sure on the middle name. We have one picked out, we just want to be sure about it before we start telling people.

Growing up I always wanted to have a little girl named Sophia. When I found out I was pregnant the name Lucy just hit me and has stuck with me the whole time. The name is perfect!!!

I’m going to go ahead and do my 14 week update. I was 14 weeks on Thursday (10-30-14), I just wanted to wait till we knew the gender before I made a post!

Lucy is…..

·      *   The size of a Lemon (3.4 inches & 1.5 ounces

·       *  She is probably trying to suck her thumb & wiggling her toes

·        * Her kidneys are making urine, liver and spleen are doing their jobs, too!

·        * She is growing lanugo, a thin, peach-fuzz-like hair, all over her body (it keeps her warm)

I get all of this information from “the bump” app!

There really haven’t been any changes in my symptoms from last week to this week!

I guess that’s all for tonight! I hope everyone had a wonderful Halloween!! 

Until next time!!

L. Stratton

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